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Need More Than Just a Scan & Report?

Looking for a true AppSec partner with managed solutions and employee augmentation? 

Curious to learn more about our experts?


Head over to our parent company - True Positives.

Browse our blog, PracticalAppSec, and deep dive into the world of AppSec

True Inspect is a service of the experts at True Positives, LLC, a collective of AppSec veterans and innovators. They will test your property with cutting-edge, enterprise-level dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools.


As part of the testing, smart crawlers will explore your application and analyze it. Once they clearly understand your property, they will deploy the perfect combination of attacks looking for issues like those tracked in...

> OWASP Top 10

> CWE/SANS Top 25

> HIPAA Compliance

> PCI DSS Compliance

True Positives experts then review your scan and create a clean and comprehensive report that you can confidently forward to your compliance officers, stakeholders, or developers/engineers.​

Learn More About Our Experts & Mission at True Positives, LLC >>>

Focus on What Matters

The Right Tools for Your Application

Token ​





Many More



Ready to Handle...

Form-based Authorization

1. Get Verified

Don't worry - it's quick and painless. Just sign up and we'll do some public verifications. For your security and ours.


Imagine if we just let anyone in!

2. Request a Scan

Tell us about your application and request a scan with another short form.

You click "Submit". We get to work.

3. Guided Setup

If we have any questions or if any setup is required, we'll give you a call and walk you through it. You don't have to be an appsec expert. We are.

We won't let you mess it up.

4. Get Your Report

After your scan completes our application security experts will verify your scan and prepare a helpful and accurate vulnerability report.

Confidently hand it off to anyone.

Application Security has Never Been Easier

You're just a few steps away from enterprise-level application security testing and reporting the easy way - by passing it off to experts wielding expert tools.

Affordable, user-friendly application security testing

Enterprise-level WebApp Security
from True Inspect

Application Security (AppSec) is complicated and time-consuming. Tools and staffing or outsourcing are expensive and draining on the project budget and resources. Until now.

True Inspect is here to help.

Affordable PRO


Expert Customer Service 

Accurate & Reliable Reporting

Free Standard

No Contracts. No Minumum Purchase. No Obligation.

(Yes, Really.)

Keep Moving Forward

At any point in your development, you can count on True Inspect to help you ensure your web application is secure. Don't wait for a monthly scan.

You'll be hailed as the AppSec hero in no time.

Request frequent free Standard testing during your development cycle so you can monitor vulnerabilities and bugs to stay ahead of your application security.

If you see something concerning you can order PRO testing to give your team the information and guidance they need to fix it fast and stay on schedule. Save the day.

Fill out a short request form and if there is any setup due to your authorization type, we will walk you through it. 

> We will run the testing.

> We will analyze the results.

> You will get the data you need.

Just Ask & Relax

Quick and Easy Setup. No Experience Necessary.

"Fastest onboarding I've ever experienced. I had a scan request submitted within 5 minutes of being verified."

Big Budget Service. Small Budget Pricing.

AppSec for the Rest of Us

You may not be a Fortune 500 enterprise (yet!), but that doesn't mean your security should be less than. 

We pride ourselves on our high-touch, high-quality, expert customer service and in using enterprise-level, industry-standard testing tools in experienced hands.

You're getting the same tools and services as the big dogs. At a price, you can afford.



Per Scan

> 24-Hour Max Testing Runtime.

> Report in 5-7 Days

> Unlimited Scans

> Unlimited Properties

> No API's

> No Location Data
> No Remediation Guidance



Per Scan

> Unlimited Testing Runtime.

> Report in 3-5 Days

> 1 PRO Scan, 4 Fix Verify Scans

> Single Property

> API's Allowed

> Location Data Provided
> Remediation Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

What powers your AppSec security scans?

Is the free version really free? What's missing from it?

Is anyone allowed to run scans? 

Why do you verify accounts?

What format do my results come in?

How dependable are the results?

Can True Inspect work with ANY authentication?

Will True Inspect satisfy compliance requirements?

What are Fix Verify Scans?

How secure is True Inspect? Will anyone else see my results?

How long do you store my data?

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