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You Deserve Enterprise-Level Tools & Services

That Fit Your Budget

You need a way for your growing businesses to gain access to the tools used by the big guys. You don't have thousands of dollars, additional resources, or time to invest in a full suite of application security solutions. 

We've got you.

True Inspect is a service by True Positives, a leading application security consulting firm. You get the benefit of our partnerships, expertise, and guidance at a budget-friendly price.  So that you can stay focused on your product and running your business.

You Can Rely On Our Partners. We Do.


No obligation. No hidden fees. Upfront pricing.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ready to Protect Your Applications?



Without Quantity

Strengthen your security with access to just-when-you-need-it scans.

Whether you need 1 scan or 100 we'll use our enterprise AppSec tools to run your scans. Your scans will be supervised by industry experts who can spot and avoid problems from a mile away. We know what we're looking for. Most importantly, we know what you're looking for.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your app is safe & industry compliant. Share your report with confidence.

Protect your users, property and reputatue Inspect AppSec Scans.

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