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Powerful On-Demand

Application Security Testing

with Expert Oversight

Need fast, reliable & secure vulnerability scanning by enterprise-level tools in the hands of knowledgeable AppSec veterans?


With easy setup and complete reporting included?


Just ask.

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Unrivaled On-Demand &
Managed Application Security Testing

Expert-led automated security scans, reports powered with Acunetix by Invicti, and personalized support for robust yet cost-effective protection. 

Start your 15-day free trial today and get a free scan ($499 value).

Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required.

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Affordable, Expert Security - No Compromises



Flexible access to enterprise-quality vulnerability scans managed by True Inspect experts on-demand.

  • Credit based scanning

  • 1 - True Inspect Scan Credit

    • 1 - In-depth report in 4-5 days Powered by Acunetix from Invicti

    • 4 - Free Fix Verification rescans.

Only $499 per scan!

Start your risk-free 15-day free trial of AppSec PRO and get a free scan! If you don't subscribe to PRO, you'll stay on a commitment-free FLEX membership

Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required.



Subscribe to PRO to save on scans and get a boost in priority and support 

  • 1-Year Commitment

  • 12 - True Inspect Scan Credits, annually, with rollover

  • Personalized Expert Onboarding

  • Additional scans are only $299

  • Priority scan processing

  • Expert Support

$333 per month

with 1-year commitment.

Pay annually and save an additional 10%

Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required.



Get proficiently managed application security with enterprise-level tools and expertise.

  • Dedicated appsec teammate

  • Service Operator & Domain Advisor

  • End-to-end scans and reporting

  • Manual validation of findings

  • Support cross-communication with Customer Development and QA teams

Tailored service with tailored pricing that fits your project and pocket.

Additional savings for True Inspect users.

Brian Pavicic, has over 30 years in sales and business growth. His obsession with application security started in 2000 with @Stake, Inc. 

Dondi Simon. 20 yrs. app security product & service experience.10 yrs leader managed app security services at Rapid7.

With well over 100 Years of combined experience dedicated to industry leaders, we are some of the original "AppSec Guys"

It's hard to know who to trust when everyone out there is calling themselves an "expert". 


When we say we have experts - we mean it. We are the founders, promoters, or creators of the tools and processes that secure the applications you use every day. Go ahead and Google all of us, we'll still be here. We've dedicated our lives to application security. This is your chance to take advantage of our experience and innovations as your managed application security provider (MSSP).

Learn More About True Positives   >>

Clayton Dewberry, his 25+ year career started at Veracode and working with @Stake, Inc. He was a frontierman with MSSP - Pilot Network Services.

Clayton Dewberry

Evan Oslick, has15+ years building appsec software solutions. Master of tools like: Checkmarx, Rapid7 Insight AppSec, WhiteHat, Fortify, Contrast, and more

Evan Oslick

Dan Kuykendall. Strategic Advisor. 25+ year pioneer & innovator in application security & assessment automation. DevSecOps Authority.

True Inspect uses our proprietary crawelers to eploy the perfect combination of tools to scan our apps.

Utilizing the combined strength of Acunetix by Invicti DAST technology, our refined in-house tools, and unmatched expertise,

True Inspect Crawlers thoroughly scour web applications to uncover potentially dangerous security bugs and flaws with precision.

A sample of a True Inspect report.

Save time, resources, and your reputation with reliable in-depth reporting powered by Acunetix from Invicti and remediation guidance from our team.

See Sample Report  >>

"True Inspect allowed me to easily and economically access scanning engines and trained staff once reserved only for large businesses"

Willa Riggins, Pentester

"Fastest onboarding I've ever experienced. I had a scan request submitted within 5 minutes of joining."

Darren Meyer, AppSec Professional

What True Inspect users are saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know...

Over half of all cyber incidents impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees, highlighting a significant risk for small to medium-sized businesses in today’s digital landscape.


Protect your enterprise with True Positives' expert-led security scans and proactive defense measures. Start with our no-obligation, completely risk-free, 15-day free trial of AppSec PRO that includes a comprehensive True Inspect scan & report—a $499 value—empowering you to understand and fortify your application security.

Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required.


of security incidents were businesses with less than 1,000 employees.


of those incidents resulted

in confirmed data breaches.


were via system intrusion, social engineering, and basic web application attacks.

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What About Code That Scans Can't Reach?

True Inspect helps you find bugs, but what if your team doesn’t have the time or budget to find bugs that an automated scan leaves behind?

Ask T+ for help with:

  • Application Security Strategy 

  • Advanced AppSec Testing

  • AppSec Tool & Asset Sourcing

  • Managed Application Security 

  • and more!

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